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Omnispection Mobile

Create Sites

  • Build Site from Template

  • GPS Coordinates are auto-populated

  • Street Address is auto-populated

  • New Sites are visible to all other Field Agents

Manage Sites

  • Arrange Sites into Areas

  • Populate Areas with Assets

  • Choose Areas / Assets from Template list, or ad-hoc.

Capture Metrics

  • Free-Form text

  • Numeric Value

  • True / False

  • Custom Drop-Down List

Capture Media

  • Capture Images using built-in camera

  • Capture Audio using built-in microphone

  • Copy/Paste any type of file to any Site, Area, or Asset

Compliance / Inspection

  • Guided inspection

  • Checklist style workflow

  • Mark items safe, warning, or critical.  Or let system decide.

  • Mark items as not applicable or inaccessible

  • Capture findings and recommendation text per item

Work Management

  • View eligible Work Orders

  • Import Work Order into Assignment

  • Reject Work Order

  • Work with or without a network connection